Sopot, PL: 29.02.2020

Winner of our 2020 open call: reconstruction of life was Martha Kicsiny, artist from Budapest, HU.

We showed her work “Excersises in Perception” in Sopot on the leap day. The film’s interpretation is kept open. It made be read as the hierarchy of society, of the depiction of historical traumas and atrocities. It reflects the unprocessable weight of facing the moral responsibility of living with the heritage of colonialism and the benefits of neocolonialism. While for others it may be understood as a state of an individual’s personal psychology. Furthermore, the viewer unavoidably encounters the issues of society’s relation to showing, hiding, sexualising and objectifying human bodies.

Martha Kicsiny is an artist based in Budapest, Hungary. After being born in Bristol in September of 1995, she lived in London until the age of nine. Then she moved to Budapest, where she studied. In 2014-2015 she took part in Arts University Bournemouth’s Foundation in Art and Design Course. From 2015 she studies in Budapest on the Hungarian Fine Art University’s Painting course in László László Révész’s class.

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