ONE NIGHT PUBLIC GALLERY is an international and touring outdoor gallery format run by NOKS Collective: Wera Morawiec and Robert Sochacki. It transforms a public space site into an art gallery for one night. It aims to be open, accessible and comprehensible for all and attempts to mark that art in public space is an important factor that contributes to the quality of life of public space and its inhabitants.

Our goals are to keep and enlarge the database of quality artworks that can be used in different locations, with an international network of visual artists that are fond of working within the proposed format. ON Public Gallery’s curated shows in chosen locations are visible from the street level and are attracting at least 50 viewers per show. This project creates a considerable mark in the field of democratic culture acting through the media of contemporary art.

An essential baseline for all activity of ON Public Gallery is independancy: we try to keep this project simple and free, as we are not supported by any public institution.

ON Public Gallery core team is NOKS collective and our hometown-based production team is: Magda and Rico Wiczynski-Siwy, Kacper Mroz and Aleksandra Chilinska.