Sopot, PL: 17.04.2020

As the world is reconstructing itself before our very eyes we have decided to continue showing artists that won 2020 open call: reconstruction of life. Due to covid-19 restrictions we showed the artworks offline at Podjazd street and online – on our FB page.

A videoart from Thomas Valianatos – artist and lecturer from Ionian University in the Department of Audio Visual Arts in Greece.
His artworks are hybrid New Media based on Live Visuals. The purpose of the whole work is to explore the transition / translation of the picture to sound and vice versa and to create generative images in real time. The artworks, in their final form, are presented as video screenings, prints, original drawings and live audiovisual performances. See more here

For ON Public Gallery the artist prepared a looped video from his audio-visual life performances TRUMPTARD, from the parts: Fake News Dance, 2019 and Fuck That Wall, 2019
This project addresses Donald Trump’s ideology. It takes his face or speeches as a primary input source and gives it back as an interactive, artistic critique of POTUS.

EDIT (10.01.2021) This artwork aged extremely well with all the events connected to Trump’s denial of loosing the 2020 election.