Djerba, TUN: 23.08-01.09.2019

ON Public Gallery for SEE Djerba+

We were invited by an International Media Art Project SEE DJERBA to present our selection of videoart in SEE DJERBA+ program.

Once again we set up an open call dedicated to that special Houmet Souk site, in the heart of an old town – medina. In a careful selection process we selected six different artworks to exhibit during one night exhibition.

See the schedule below / read more about this years events in Djerba here

23/08/2019 Friday
a collective show of two artworks that will play with the SEE DJERBA #mixedrealities curatorial concept: A Day Such As This by AnneMarie van Splunter [NL] and Silent Edge by Enzo Cillo [IT].

29/08/2019 Thursday
An Upward Fall by Bobbie Gray Design [NZ]

30/08/2019 Friday
Ich bin Der Übermensch by Joacelio Batista [BR]

31/08/2019 Saturday
Motion Diary sketches by Patrick K.-H. [RU/AT] and Litto [AT]

29/08/2019 Sunday
Unicorn by Thiago Salas and Talita Florêncio [BR]

Read more about the chosen artworks here.