Death of the patriarchy

Sopot – Podjazd street, KiK art gallery, Elita bar – 25.08.2021

The heroin of the night was Death of the Patriarchy – newspaper dedicated to all sentient beings, vol.2. It was issued in 2021 by ASP in Gdansk.

Noks collective prepared a manifesto for the newspaper and later on curated and produced a one night action in our regular location in Sopot, PL. Action included projections in public space (along the Podjazd street) and performances by: Gosia Tegowska, Baakbliv, Dorota Androsz, Anna Jankojć and Łukasz Horbów.

Art showed during the action featured works from: Anna Steller, Irmina Rusicka and Kasper Lecnim, Joanna Rusinek, Robert Sochacki, Jacx Staniszewski and all the artists that participated in 2 vol. of Death of the Patriarchy, curated by katarzyna lewandowska.

cover of the magazine, design by Jacek Staniszewski
page of DOTP vol.2 with noks collective manifesto