Bremen, DE: 28.03.2019

_ON the move serie of nomadic exhibitions in public space:

Videos by international artists was projected onto the wall of the Digital Impact Lab Bremen and turned the facade into a temporary art canvas. For the Digital Impact Lab in Bremen it was very interesting to be part of such an international traveling project, to look at the way art in public space can be used to foster discussions about the role of the quarter at night and the possibilities of Digital Art as a creative tool of social change and imagining alternative orders. [description from Digital Impact Lab Bremen]

That night we exhibited two artworks: 6 steps to self-care by no beton talkin gurls collective and Organic Movement by Piotr Pasiewicz.
In 6 steps to self-care it is actually the collective working process that empowered the authors to “scream out loud the communicates we usually tend to shush inside(…) Sometimes offensive, sometimes soft, always assertive, anyway, you can choose your perfect message.” Pasiewicz in his video creates an emotional landscape of the urban tissue with a performing dialogue with the streets, walls, dirt and everything else that’s a part of the city.
Both artworks – somehow connected with their temporary context and social issues they raise – created a great One Night space for discussion with local audience.

no beton talkin gurls:

art-trio based in Wrocław, Poland. The collective was born during the preparation of „I wish I could, but I dont want to’ exhibition. Working interdisciplinarily, still defining the model of comunication and questioning the borders between different mediums fresh collective doesn’t limit itself by any specific topic of exploration. Each of the girls symultaniously works on her individual art projects, they meet to join their forces in order to create louder and braver voice.

Obite_Lokcie / Emilia Dudziec – born 94, last grade student of painting faculty at Fine Arts Academy in Wroclaw, Poland. Now she’s working on her diploma project, which talks about permanent stress and middle class ways of relax. Analyzes iconic scenes and characters which preserved the patterns of how we should behave to feel good or just cool.

Agata Lankamer – born in 1994 in Poland. A graduate of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Apprentice at Ekkisens Art Space in Reykjavik. She creates with use various media, ie: video, performance action, installations or painting. She is interested in new problems of reality – from cyberfeminism to mass culture – so she does not have a specific model of her actions. Together with the JEST group opened an independent gallery in Wrocław. Co-organizes the Do Read! Festival. Big fan of the Radiohead.

Martyna Kosiarz – born in 1992 visual artist based in Wrocław, Poland. Most of her own art practice includes paintings and video-, site-specific intimate&naive installations. Working interdisciplinarily and following her intuition she explores both – her own experiences and her biggest interests which are primitive inwardness and folklore. After finishing BA in fashion design at the strzemiński art academy in łódź (2014) and MA in painting at the e. geppert art academy in wrocław (2018) – in the meantime doing her Erasmus exchange at Estonian Art Academy (september 2016 – june 2018) – she did an internship at Ekkisens-art space in Reykjavik (july – september 2018) and attended Copperleg residency in Vaskjala (february 2019). Her most recent artproject is an multidisciplinary ongoing research in cooperation with Nikita Fauveau.

Piotr Pasiewicz: Born in 1979 in Łódź. Graduate of the Faculty of Graphics and Painting of Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. He graduated with distinction in 2013 from the Painting Studio I (Open Book) supervised by Professor Andrzej M. Bartczak. His portfolio includes graphic art, paintings, drawings, performance and short video forms. He has had multiple individual and collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad. In 2011, he received a scholarship awarded by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. He lives and works in Łódź.